Brain Hemingway – Canal Cafe Theatre

The critically acclaimed one-act musical comedy will be in Little Venice this February.

Everyone has that voice in their head that tells them to give up. Hers just happens in be Ernest Hemingway. Brain Hemingway is about a blocked writer struggling to meet an upcoming deadline while being haunted by the subject of her last flop: the American literary icon and paragon to manhood himself. The spectre of the famous author is here to criticize the writer and drink daiquiris… and he’s all outta daiquiris! What’s our writer to do? Can she banish her troublesome “Brain Hemingway” for good, or will she have to endure his snide remarks for all eternity? 

Brain Hemingway previously garnered praise from critics and audience members alike during two runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and its 2023 premiere in London. It was nominated for a Derek Award for Best Performance (Evan Quinlan as Ernest Hemingway) and an Offie Award for Best Fringe Show, as well as counted among the Quintessential Review’s pick of the Fringe. 

Performers: Evan Quinlan & Erin Murray Quinlan 

Director: Paul Boyd 


Wednesday 28th February @ 7:30pm  

Thursday 29th February @ 9:30pm 

Friday 1st March @ 7:30pm  

Saturday 2nd March @ 7:30pm 

Running time: 60 minutes. 

Age recommendation: Ages 14+ 

Canal Café Theatre – Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London, W2 6ND.   

Box Office 

020 7289 6054 

Tickets: £6/£8 (+ £1.50 booking fee) 

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