Kering and National University of Singapore Launch Groundbreaking Research on Corporate Climate Strategies

Molly Se-kyung

In a significant move towards understanding and enhancing corporate strategies against climate change, luxury fashion conglomerate Kering has joined forces with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School’s Center of Governance and Sustainability (CGS) to launch a landmark three-year research study. This collaborative effort aims to dissect and illuminate the climate and nature-related transition strategies being employed by corporations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The partnership was officially kicked off on May 13, 2024, during the Nature in the City forum—a prestigious event hosted by the French National Museum of Natural History and the Embassy of France in Singapore, with Kering playing a key supporting role. This initiative marks a proactive step towards integrating sustainable practices within the business sphere, particularly in a region as economically dynamic as Asia-Pacific.

Over the course of this research, NUS will conduct an exhaustive investigation into the environmental practices of companies across 14 jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific area. The studies will focus on evaluating the present landscape of corporate climate and nature efforts, strategy development and execution, reporting mechanisms, and industry-wide trends. Findings from this research are expected to highlight critical insights and potential areas for enhancement, offering valuable guidance to business leaders, investors, and regulatory bodies, as well as influencers within the public and non-profit sectors.

Kering’s commitment to fostering education, collaboration, and innovation in the battle against climate change is well-reflected in this endeavor. By supporting rigorous academic research, Kering underscores its dedication to constructive climate action and long-term environmental stewardship.

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer at Kering, expressed the conglomerate’s belief in the power of collaborative effort. “Through our robust network of partners worldwide, we’ve seen the profound impact of collective action. Our partnership with CGS at NUS Business School is a testament to our belief in combining academic precision, expert research, and practical application to confront sustainability challenges. By aligning with an esteemed institution known for its sustainability prowess, Kering is demonstrating our fervent commitment to contributing to the Asia-Pacific’s ecological and sustainable development,” she remarked.

Echoing the sentiment of collaboration for a sustainable future, Professor Lawrence Loh, Director of the CGS at NUS Business School, emphasized the essential role of nature in all economic activity and human prosperity. “Transparency and accountability in disclosing nature-related practices are vital for understanding and mitigating a company’s environmental footprint. Our partnership with Kering is poised to generate substantial progress by establishing a benchmark for biodiversity tracking and analyzing climate transition strategies across various sectors. This venture is a critical leap towards promoting the integration of nature-focused initiatives into corporate planning, ensuring a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow for everyone,” Professor Loh stated.

This groundbreaking research endeavor between Kering and NUS Business School’s CGS is poised to drive significant advancements in our understanding of corporate environmental strategies, setting the stage for a more sustainable and mindful approach to doing business in the face of climate challenges.

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