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Located right in the eastern zone of India, West Bengal is the seventh-largest city in the country.  West Bengal is the fusion of different cultures, ethnicities, people as well as languages. The beauty of the state is that the entire place welcomes you with rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing landscapes, forests, mountains as well as coastal shores.

The impeccable area of West Bengal acquires loads and loads of tourists every year. Right from lying in the lap of snow-clad mountains, encapturing the beautiful scenery, venturing to the greener wildlife, finding tranquillity in the ancient temples, the magnificent British monuments to pristine seas and booming tea gardens.

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From the Tiger Hill to the Howrah Bridge, from the biggest flower market in Asia to delving into the magnificent Darjeeling tea, West Bengal has to offer so much. Celebrating all the joyous festivals to ornamenting colourful fairs, one can even delve into the renowned pilgrimages that acquires the attention of the tourists and believers around the world.

The history of the capital of the state makes it worth more interesting to pay a visit, the land of cultures and renowned poets. Literature seems to run in the blood of the typical Bengali culture. The division of the types of Bengalees and their taste in the Bengali cuisine makes it all the more interesting to delve into the rich cultural heritage.

Brief History

Bengal has a huge history and before independence, Calcutta (now Kolkata) was the capital of the country. Till the mid-18th century, Bengal had been under Muslim rule followed by British ascendancy.

Many memorable historical battles were fought on the grounds like the Battle of Plassey where Robert Clive defeated Siraj-al-Dawlah. Warren Hastings became the first governor of Bengal in 1773 and Bengal Presidency acquired the Supreme importance over other British presidencies.
Bengal has the presence of both British and Europeans and it continued till 1949. Right after gaining Independence, slowly Bengal got divided into Eastern Sector of Bengal (now Bangladesh) and the western become named as West Bengal.

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Places and Climate

West Bengal has the best season from October to March. The commencement of winters is mainly from December yet not as chilly which you will get to find in the mountain regions. North Bengal is the home to slow-clad mountains, beautiful calming nature’s beauty and home to tea gardens.

The period of winter is the best to visit sea beaches as well as places for Wildlife like Sunderbans – home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Dooars, Lataguri and sister places for wildlife and cool temperature experience.

If you are paying your visit to Kolkata, Winters and Spring are the best time to visit the area. Right from Victoria Memorial To rustic old charm of North Kolkata to seeing the opposite posh lifestyle of the south, you will get the taste of all.

From museums to architectural marvels, you will be in awe of the different structures and pieces of artwork in every corner of West Bengal. The handloom sarees and the ethnicity of the overall culture will mesmerize you to the core.

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