1670: A New Series on Netflix with Plenty of Irony


1670 is a series directed by Maciej Buchwald and Kordian Kądziela. it stars Bartłomiej Topa, Katarzyna Herman and Martyna Byczkowska.

A very refreshing series that, with all its irony, knows how to distribute itself in the style of “Love and Death” (Woody Allen, 1975) while still being modern in its approach.

A series about history that requires some prior knowledge to fully grasp. Far from being silly, it’s filled with so many jokes that one (even if by accident) is bound to make you laugh.

A comedy that reminds us greatly of British ironic series: some adored them, others hated them.

With style, and at least for us, a lot of humor, this character who aimed to be the most famous Juan Pablo (Jean Pavel) in the history of Poland.

About the series:

Good photography, setting, and script. Don’t expect Game of Thrones, because “1670” is a satirical historical series that, with varying success, takes a period of Polish history and makes jokes about absolutely everything, not omitting a single institution. It’s fast-paced, agile in its construction, but it also doesn’t have the ambition to reconstruct history. It’s more of a satire (with a lot of humor) built around historical situations that, thanks to its theatricality, manages to find complicity with a certain-age viewer because, it’s very likely, it is a series directed at people with some prior knowledge.

One of those series that is best to pass over if you believe that before the invention of the mobile phone, the world was dark and directionless.

Good setting, but with a very theatrical touch. Good use of editing and photography, with plenty of chiaroscuro effects, which are subjects of a thousand jokes (we warned you, you have to know a bit about painting and Baroque music to catch certain types of jokes).

A quality series that, fundamentally, is an accumulation of historical jokes, some funny, others not; some clever, others crude.

A comedy, however, that is different and knows how to fire in all directions and hit the target, it has to, in its thousand and one jokes.

With quality in the stagecraft.

Release date

December 13, 2023

Where to Watch “1670”




Name: 1670

Description: Jan, a Polish Sarmatian, head of a noble family and owner of the (minor) half of the village of Adamczycha, dreams of making his mark in Polish history.

Seasons: 1

Country: Poland

Director(s): Maciej Buchwald, Kordian Kądziela

Writer(s): Jakub Ruzyllo

Cinematography: Nils Croné

Genre: Comedy, History

Actor(s): Bartłomiej Topa, Katarzyna Herman, Martyna Byczkowska, Michał Balicki, Michał Sikorski, Kirył Pietruczuk, Dobromir Dymecki, Irena Melcer, Andrzej Kłak

Companies: Akson Studio, Netflix

Our Opinion

A comedy, however, that is different and knows how to fire in all directions and hit the target, it has to, in its thousand and one jokes.


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