“99”: A Prime Video Documentary on the Legendary 1999 Manchester United

"99" is a documentary directed by John Battsek and Sam Collins.

Prime Video’s latest offering, “99,” takes us on a captivating journey through the legendary 1999 Manchester United team under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson. This documentary not only recounts the events of that historic year but also delves into what makes Manchester United one of England’s most powerful clubs. Central to this narrative is Sir Alex Ferguson, the influential manager who even tendered his resignation early in the season following a painful 3-0 defeat to Arsenal.

The Story of 1999: Alex Ferguson and the Manchester United Legacy

“99” provides an in-depth look at the formation of Manchester United players and the legacy of Matt Busby, the creator of the famed “Busby Babes.” These were players instilled with the spirit of Manchester United from a young age, a philosophy that continued to shape the club’s identity.

Star Players and Key Figures

The documentary features interviews with some of the best players from that era. Roy Keane stands out as the clear leader of the team, while Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole formed a formidable attacking duo. Ryan Giggs and David Beckham provided exceptional width and creativity from the flanks, and Peter Schmeichel guarded the goal in what would be his final year in English football.

Special attention is given to Dwight Yorke, whose charismatic personality shines through in his interviews. Although there are appearances by David Beckham and many others, the primary focus remains on Alex Ferguson. His work ethic, winning mentality, and emphasis on teamwork over individual accolades were pivotal in shaping the team’s success.

The Long Road to the Final

The 1999 season was fraught with challenges. Starting poorly, Manchester United faced a daunting semifinal against Juventus in the Champions League. In the Premier League, Arsène Wenger’s youthful and promising Arsenal squad seemed almost unbeatable.

The team grappled with significant injuries, a goalkeeper in less than stellar form, and a growing sense of disbelief from their surroundings. Yet, these struggles are what make the documentary so compelling, highlighting the epic nature of their journey and the admiration for what became the best season in the club’s history.

“99” is more than just a documentary; it’s a tribute to a team and a season that defined an era. From today, you can relive this incredible journey on Prime Video.

Enjoy the show!

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