The Greatest Night in Pop: A documentary on Netflix about one of the most legendary songs in music history, We Are the World

The Greatest Night in Pop
Alice Lange

Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, or Cindy Lauper together in a song? Surely you remember it, we are talking about “We Are the World”. If you feel like finding out how it was recorded and how so many stars were brought together in one night, here’s this Netflix documentary that tells us everything, accompanied by the delightful Lionel Richie.

Cassettes, eccentric hairstyles, flashy colors, and shoulder-padded jackets… all that and more were the 80s. It was a time of glamour and eccentricity, of multifaceted artists, and above all, a time of great talent.

And if there is a song that represented that moment in all its glory, it was “We Are the World”, the song that managed to bring together the most outstanding singers of that era.

Would you like to know the origins of the song? “The Greatest Night in Pop” is a documentary about the filming and creation of this legendary musical piece.

About the documentary

“The Greatest Night in Pop” features some of the stars who participated in that song, especially Lionel Richie, who serves as the narrator and host of this story that brought together the great American artists.

It was Harry Belafonte, the actor, singer, and civil rights activist, who pulled the strings, from Hollywood and the world of social advocacy. How to bring together all those egos in one place?

“We Are the World” was recorded in a single night, and a video clip full of familiar faces helped it spread worldwide: the song was heard everywhere, carrying a message of solidarity and, through the universal language of music, making the world a happier place.

“The Greatest Night in Pop” is a documentary full of nostalgia but very joyful, capturing the spirit of fun of the 80s, that spirit of freedom and rebellion.

A documentary to remember one of the great songs of that wonderful era that some of us miss today.

Enjoy it.

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