Alexander: The Making of a God (2024): A Netflix Docuseries on Alexander the Great

Alexander: The Making of a God
Martin Cid

Alexander: The Making of a God is a documentary series directed by Hugh Ballantyne and Stuart Elliott.

The powerful Darius, determined to save the greatest empire on Earth, Persia, is faced by Alexander the Great. Alexander was just an ambitious young Macedonian, son of Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias, one of the monarch’s seven wives.

“Alexander: The Making of a God” is a documentary series that features spectacular dramatizations, enhanced by modern CGI effects, giving the documentary a special realism. This is not something we haven’t seen before, as it has been used in other series about historical figures like Dracula or the Persian Empire itself: a formula that combines dramatization with interviews and classic documentary techniques, which definitely works.

“Alexander: The Making of a God” focuses on Alexander the Great’s struggle against the Persians and, above all, how he managed to create this legend of a god on Earth, a way to make the population believe that they were truly experiencing something magnificent and divine.

Did Alexander’s propaganda technique of the time work? Even though we know the ending, “Alexander: The Making of a God” is still a fascinating documentary, providing information and combining the personal side of the character with his strategic and imperialistic vision.

A six-episode documentary series, six hours to relive the story of Alexander the Great and his greatness that still lives on today in texts, memories, and, obviously, in Egypt, in the marvelous city of Alexandria, founded by the great Alexander the Great. Enjoy it.

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