American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders – A docuseries on Netflix: Are you ready for an important conspiracy theory? Don’t miss it

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders is a docuseries directed by Zachary Treitz.

A journalist named Daniel Casolaro, 44 years old, was found dead in a motel room in West Virginia under strange circumstances. His wrists were cut.

The question that may come to your mind is: what was this man investigating? And this death didn’t end there, as photojournalist Christian Hansen continued the investigations.

According to this Netflix documentary, the journalist was uncovering a vast network of high-level conspiracies involving secret services, politicians, and presidents of multiple countries.

Yes, it’s a conspiracy that seems straight out of a movie, from a man obsessed with large-scale conspiracies.

But is it reality or fiction? It all started with the computer age and a software called “PROMIS” that organized and linked legal cases.

The program, developed by a private company, was funded by the government.

Until one day, they stopped paying and the company went bankrupt.

With a program containing an extensive database of legal cases that supposedly held many secrets.

About the documentary

It’s a well-narrated spy movie with a gripping plot involving high-level implications, and it includes interviews with Hansen, the journalist who took on the “Octopus Conspiracy” case.

We must warn you, we’re afraid to even write about the government agencies involved in the case (according to this documentary), but we assure you that the ramifications are worthy of an Oliver Stone movie.

As for the documentary: with such a great story, there’s no need to invent anything or cover it up with cinematic effects. Just sit back and listen to some of the key players in this absolutely incredible story.

Our opinion

We highly recommend this story. If it were fiction, it would be absolutely monumental and incredible. But what if it’s not? A story that is definitely worth your time.

Where to Watch “American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders”


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