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American Nightmare - Netflix
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American Nightmare is a docuseries directed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins.

On March 25th, 2015, an emergency call was made: a young man reported his girlfriend’s abduction to the police. According to him, a group of individuals broke in and kidnapped the girl.

However, Aaron Quinn took hours to notify the police. The story he told sounded like it came out of a David Fincher movie, and all accusations fell on him, accusing him of murdering his girlfriend, Denise Huskins.

The case became media frenzy, and everything changed when Denise herself appeared, seemingly calm, healthy, and safe. She was also accused of faking her own abduction.

What really happened? “American Nightmare” is an excellent true-crime documentary that features the stories of the main characters, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, who will tell us the truth about this chilling case.

“American Nightmare” is an outstanding documentary with top-notch cinematic reconstructions and an electrifying and dynamic pace, full of sequences that resemble a suspense film rather than a documentary.

About “American Nightmare”

Filled with well-executed shots, excellent editing, and a documentary that slowly unveils the plot and the culprit. We wonder: is this a documentary or a movie? “American Nightmare” successfully maintains the narrative pace, piquing interest, and behaving more like a cinematic piece than a documentary, and it is appreciated (at least by us).

The documentary itself acknowledges it, as do the investigators: it was a story that seemed more like Fincher’s film released a year earlier, and no one believed the protagonists.

A documentary full of artifice, where truths blend into fiction and a reality that everyone believed was made up. Was the kidnapping a fabrication? The documentary will answer these questions realistically, with the participation of all the characters in this gruesome and incredibly interesting story.

“American Nightmare” is a documentary that benefits greatly from the invaluable involvement of its two main characters, and it is appreciated. The documentary knows how to keep its cards hidden, play with the viewer, and not reveal the plot in order to, behaving like a crime novel, offer us an incredibly entertaining story of kidnappings, culprits, and false accusations.

Our opinion

Brilliant from a cinematic standpoint. It recreates the story perfectly, includes the involvement of the protagonists, and achieves what it aims for: creating the entire atmosphere, selling itself as an almost fictional “film” throughout its three hours, and ultimately unraveling the case with fantastic recreations of the events.

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