“As the Crow Flies” Season 3: TV’s Most Aggressive Anchowoman Returns

The show lacks subtlety, revealing two generational predators at odds in this new season of the Turkish smash hit.

As the Crow Flies
Martin Cid

As the Crow Flies is a Turkish series created by Deniz Yorulmazer starring Birce Akalay, Miray Daner and Ibrahim Celikkol.

As you already might know, our friend Asli would do literally anything to deliver the news. After two seasons chock-full of action, we see her once again, seemingly calmer and less aggressive. Time has taught her to tone it down a little, at least amongst coworkers.

But don’t worry, our beloved Asili is still ready to do whatever it takes to stay at the top of TV… and to find love.

On the other hand, the former TV queen, Lale, has been relegated to an internet channel. But rest assured, she’ll have new surprises in store as she’s another predator, full of ambition.

“As the Crow Flies ” is a show we must admit: it hooks you in!

About the Show

The Turkish series is all about conflicts, love, and deception… starring two women who fight professionally and romantically.

The show has evolved, with more characters and side stories, introducing new ambitions, promises, and betrayals.

Narrated with a voice over that mimics a nature documentary, it draws parallels between the predators, who have now traded the savanna for the TV world. Let’s be honest, it adds a funny touch to the series.

“As the Crow Flies ” is one of those shows where you can’t help but smirk. Its creators know this and don’t hesitate to insert subtle jokes, exaggerate everything until, inevitably, the plots become so convoluted it turns into a “Falcon Crest” type mess. But that’s the style they aim for, the style they want, and the audience agrees with it just as they did with the ’80s series: it’s a huge success backed up by the numbers.

On the cinematic front, it’s pretty good: fine production design, good production value, and the two leading ladies are flawless in their roles. They give us a compelling tale of a generational battle that, exaggerated beyond logic, is entertaining and amusing.

Our Opinion

It’s a throwback show, over the top, packed with intrigue, and full of villainous characters willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil their dreams.


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