Baby Bandito (2024) Netflix Series: A famous heist, a boy with character, and a complete change of life

Baby Bandito
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Baby Bandito is a new Chilean series starring Nicolás Contreras. With Francisca Armstrong, Pablo Macaya and Carmen Zabala among others.

“Baby Bandito” is Netflix’s latest offering for lovers of thrillers and heists, this time with a social component.

A series set to the beat of the most popular songs and with a lot of rhythm.


Kevin Tapia is a Chilean who lives in a poor neighborhood and struggles to survive with his mother. With a father in prison, Kevin has a tough life, but he has talent, especially for organizing the biggest heist in Chilean history.

This is his story.

About the series

“Baby Bandito” is not an original series, it’s not a series that aims to grab attention with its theme or innovative aesthetic proposal: it’s the story of a boy from the neighborhood who achieves his dream, even if it’s not entirely legal. Funny, with a lot of rhythm, and a charming, charismatic protagonist.

“Baby Bandito” is a well-told story, with a good script and a solid foundation: it doesn’t preach moral lessons or try to be a series that will go down in history for its aesthetic proposal: it simply fulfills what is expected in the genre, organizing a classic plot of characters, romance, and action in a coherent and balanced way, giving the audience what they expect.

“Baby Bandito” is a very realistic series, with believable sets, and it tries to distance itself from Hollywood style at all times: it tells the story with rhythm, but remains faithful to the context and does not try to idealize anything. It can be brutal when necessary and makes cinematic concessions, but always maintains a sense of credibility.

A tough, entertaining, funny, romantic, and exciting story. Well-written in terms of script and pacing, but it doesn’t surprise in terms of structure, originality, or technical execution.

Where to Watch “Baby Bandito”


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