“Baby Gorilla Cam” (2023) Live on Netflix: two baby gorillas in Cleveland zoo

Baby Gorilla Cam” on Netflix is a live stream from the gorilla habitat in the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

If you’re not familiar with Metroparks in Cleveland, here’s a new experience for you. Netflix has decided to install a webcam so we can observe the activities of two new inhabitants as they adapt to their environment and coexist.

I must say, they are absolutely adorable and you could easily spend hours watching them. Currently, we are observing how their mother takes care of one of the little ones (a female named Amani, a tiny creature who can barely open her eyes). She spends most of the day sleeping, but it’s very relaxing and heartwarming to see her with her mommy.

Obviously, this is neither a series nor a movie, but it’s a new experience that you can have on the streaming platform. The footage is accompanied by music and pop-ups that provide information about the birth of the two little ones. By the way, the one that is 6 weeks old is called Obi, and he is a bit more playful. Another adorable creature!

Enjoy watching them. . for many hours.

Baby Gorilla Cam

Release Date

September 7, 2023

Where to Watch Baby Gorilla Cam


Baby Gorilla Cam

Baby Gorilla Cam

Name: Baby Gorilla Cam

Description: Peek into the gorilla habitat at Cleveland Metroparks, where two new babies are adapting to life in the troop.

Seasons: 1

Country: United States

Companies: Netflix

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