Baby Reindeer (2024) Series on Netflix: A Blend of Comedy, Thriller, and Gritty Realism

Discover the hilarious and suspenseful world of Baby Reindeer, the British comedy series featuring Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning. Stream now on Netflix!

Baby Reindeer
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Baby Reindeer is a new British comedy series starring Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning.

Today on Netflix, “Baby Reindeer” makes its debut – a hilarious comedy that strikes a unique tone, blending realism, surrealism, bitterness, and optimism. The show cleverly transforms the concept of fatal attractions and stalking into something both amusing and dramatic.

Richard Gadd is the one directing the ship; he’s the creator, scriptwriter, and leading actor. So, you know who to blame if you love it…or not.

He gets what he wants, he does it with flair, and ultimately, “Baby Reindeer” proves to be very entertaining episode after episode.


A man seeking to become a comedian works in a pub as a bartender. He begins to receive visits from a woman who, at first, does not seem attractive to him. However, due to one circumstance or another, she gradually wins him over with her genuineness and affection. As it turns out, the woman begins to noticeably harass him more and more.

About the series

Despite being incredibly entertaining, the humor is different with a very realistic touch. “Baby Reindeer” is a comedy that revels in misfortune and the harsh reality of shattered dreams. It’s a comedy filled with realism, bitterness, but also a comedy about joy which, ultimately, underlies the everyday sadness of life.

With all its comedic airs, “Baby Reindeer” doesn’t fully surrender to punchline after punchline, because it possesses a detailed plot and good structure in the form of a realistic thriller. It also has a solid production quality and, though it’s not a high-budget series, it manages to set the scene thanks to good sets, and especially due to excellent lighting and staging.

The series packs a lot of bitterness and entertainment because “Baby Reindeer” is a show that tells many, many stories in a slow-paced manner. It’s simultaneously a thriller, a comedy, and a bitter tale.

Our opinion

It’s a highly commendable series where Richard Gadd achieves everything he wants: laying out a complicated story featuring characters that are neither buffoons nor tragic.

It is a comedy or a thriller that, while neither fully comedy nor thriller, manages to be bitter, funny, occasionally sad yet very cheerful.

It’s a strange combination that we found to be quite impressive.

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