“Berlin,” an electrifying Netflix series from the Money Heist saga

Berlin is a new series on Netflix created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato.

With a fresh storyline and new characters, this thrilling series is perfect for suspense lovers this year-end.

A treasure scattered across 34 European cities and only one afternoon to steal all the relics, valued at over 40 million euros. Can you guess who’s going to pull off this heist?

“Berlin” boasts extraordinary production work, a breathless editing style, spectacular sound design, and a script that knows exactly how to captivate and surprise the viewer.

This series reinvents itself with a new group of thieves, and does it with style.

Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato have done it again, and we love their style more and more each day.

About the series

It hooks you from the start and has a classic cinematic flavor: an excavation in the catacombs of Paris, various European cities, and above all, that taste of classic adventure cinema. The kind of cinema with rogue protagonists we loved and admired because they knew how to break the rules.

Were you expecting a series that simply repeats past successes? “Berlin” repeats and reinvents itself, delivering a spectacular, highly entertaining, and fast-paced story. With a fresh cast, it hits the mark once again, proving that these creators truly understand cinema. They know how to engage the viewer and, once again, deliver a successful series with a thrilling pace and great filmmaking.

Technically, “Berlin” is meticulously crafted in terms of framing, photography, and set design. But it all works thanks to the editing (as is often the case in these fast-paced thrillers), and that’s where the creators masterfully combine all the elements to create a remarkable series.

The dialogue is smart and filled with humor, something we’ve been missing in these times of “good citizens” where no one dares to tell a joke for fear of offending someone.

Our Opinion

With its pace, solid structure, well-crafted script, and excellent production values, this series reinvents itself in a new chapter that guarantees an entertaining spectacle for the end of the year.

Don’t miss it.

Where to Watch “Berlin”


The Cast

Pedro Alonso

Pedro Alonso
Michelle Jenner
Michelle Jenner
Tristán Ulloa
Tristán Ulloa
Begoña Vargas
Begoña Vargas

Julio Peña
Joel Sánchez
Itziar Ituño
Julien Paschal

Berlin - Netflix
Berlin – Netflix
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Martin Cid
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