Bitconned – A Netflix Documentary: A remorseless scammer narrating his life without any sense of guilt

Bitconned - Netflix
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Bitconned is a documentary directed by Bryan Storkel.

Would you risk doing something illegal if you knew you could make over $100 million? Don’t answer that until you’ve seen this documentary called “Bitconned.”

During the peak of the initial cryptocurrency offerings, when multiple options claimed to be better than Bitcoin and anyone could create an ICO, Ray Trapani founded “Centra,” a cryptocurrency company.

Cryptocurrencies were an unregulated market that posed both opportunities for investors and scammers alike, preying on people’s desire to become millionaires.

About the documentary “Bitconned”

The documentary tells us the story of Trapani, who now faces charges that could lead to several years in prison, starting from being a drug dealer and betraying his friends. He doesn’t seem to care, as Trapani is the main character of this documentary. We see him driving his luxurious car, working out, and allowing the filming of this documentary, openly confessing his crimes and speaking directly, without any sense of guilt, about cryptocurrency scams.

This is a different kind of documentary because we have a clear culprit who never evades blame: he wanted to be a scammer, he was one, and with the permission of his family (some of whom also participated in the foundation of his companies), friends, and others, he organized all this, managed to involve celebrities in its promotion, and successfully executed the Centra scam as described in the documentary.

A piece of advice: stay until the end of the documentary because the resolution of the Centra case is quite intriguing, and our protagonist has a surprise in store that we don’t want to spoil.

Our Opinion:

More valuable for what it reveals than how it is presented, but it is amusing and aesthetically appealing, with good production value, nice cinematography, and most importantly, the invaluable collaboration of Ray Trapani, who tells us, without any hesitation or sense of shame, how he orchestrated this multimillion-dollar scam.

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