Blood Coast, Olivier Marchal’s new series on Netflix: drug trafficking and police officers

Blood Coast
TV Shows MCM
TV Shows MCM

Blood Coast is a new thriller series starring Tewfik Jallab and Nicolas Duvauchelle. It is created by Kamel Guemra.

“Blood Coast” is the new French series that arrives on Netflix, telling the story of a group of police officers fighting against drug trafficking in a unique and unconventional way, also disregarding the law.

This series follows a realistic and gritty “hand-held camera” style, offering a raw and honest portrayal of the two sides of the drug trafficking problem in a city like Marseille.

Despite its realism, it is not a drama, and thriller enthusiasts will enjoy the six action-packed episodes filled with gangs, chases, and suspense.


As a ruthless narcotics trafficker attempts to seize control of Marseille, a maverick police captain and his audacious team encounter a new recruit with her own hidden agenda.

About the Series

Since the early days of cinema, police stories have always captivated audiences. In the 1940s, Hollywood realized that “bad guys” sell tickets.

In “Blood Coast,” we see a new approach with a police system that, from the very first scene, cannot abide by the rules because the system somehow protects the criminals and prevents the police from apprehending them. Whether true or not, this hypothesis sets the stage for an intriguing television series. “Blood Coast” plays with these concepts, offering a unique thriller in the style of recent French action cinema. Despite having fewer resources than Hollywood, it delivers a high-quality spectacle that is sure to please fans.

“Blood Coast” has it all – action, well-developed characters, and an engaging story of drug trafficking. Above all, it benefits from the recent success of European cinema and television, making it a safe bet for Netflix. It aligns with the recent successful aesthetic formula and further refines it with characters that captivate both in the script and on the screen, thanks to impeccable performances.

Our Opinion

In the vein of recent European thriller successes, “Blood Coast” is a series that seeks realism and excels at every level: script, direction, performances, and production. It displays a high level of professionalism.

Release date

December 6, 2023

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