“Bodkin”: Netflix’s Latest Mystery Series Weaves Humor and Suspense in a Unique Rural Setting

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Netflix has recently introduced its latest addition to the mystery genre, “Bodkin,” a series that intriguingly blends elements of traditional mystery with a touch of humor against the backdrop of a quaint Irish village. The show has been drawing comparisons to the surreal narrative style of “Twin Peaks,” yet it carves its own identity by intertwining comedy with suspense in a distinctively Irish manner.

The series is the brainchild of Jez Scharf and stars Siobhán Cullen as a determined journalist, Will Forte as the charming podcast narrator, and Robyn Cara as a shy, inexperienced investigator. Together, these three distinct personalities form an unlikely team tasked with solving a cryptic crime in this intriguing new offering available on Netflix.

Plot Overview

“Bodkin” unfolds in the fictional Irish town of Bodkin, where three journalists venture to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three individuals on Halloween night. Despite their differing temperaments and ambitions, the trio finds themselves entangled in a web of mystery and conspiracy, where every town resident appears to harbor secrets.


Script Insight

The show revisits a tried-and-tested narrative formula—a stranger (or strangers, in this case) arrives in a town concealing a deep-seated mystery. Although the premise may seem familiar, “Bodkin” revitalizes this classic storyline with fresh energy and a contemporary twist. Contrary to its thematic similarity to “Twin Peaks,” the series differentiates itself through its simplicity, deliberate pacing, and a focus on mystery rather than overt violence or sensationalism. It’s akin to a story that Agatha Christie might pen; comfortable yet compelling, seeking to engage viewers with a familiar formula through the lens of endearing characters.

Character Dynamics

The series thrives on the dynamic interplay between its three primary characters, each bringing their unique traits to the ensemble. Dove, portrayed by Siobhán Cullen, is a serious journalist with a disdain for true crime sensationalism. Gilbert Power, played by Will Forte, adds charm as a podcast journalist who has embraced true crime as his livelihood. Emmy, brought to life by Robyn Cara, emerges from her initial background role to play a pivotal part in the investigation. Their differing outlooks and personalities offer a rich source of witty dialogues and interactions, enhancing the series’ engagement.

A Quintessentially British Take on Mystery

“Bodkin” stands out for placing its rural setting at the forefront of its narrative, where the village and its inhabitants collectively embody the mystery. The series opts for a less macabre and violent tone compared to other mysteries, aiming instead for an approachable and enjoyable experience that steers clear of nightmares while still captivating its audience.

Our View

“Bodkin” offers a compelling blend of humor and mystery, packaged in a format that feels both traditional and comfortingly familiar. Without venturing into uncharted territory or redefining the genre, the series succeeds in entertaining and engaging its audience, making it a perfect choice for viewers looking for a leisurely and enjoyable mystery experience.

Available for streaming on Netflix, “Bodkin” promises a delightful mix of suspense, humor, and traditional mystery, set against the lush backdrop of Ireland, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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