Bros (2024) A new series on Netflix

Liv Altman

Bros is a new Netflix series created and starring Hannan Savyon and Guy Amir.

“Bros” is a Netflix series that skillfully blends comedy, drama, and football into an engaging package. Under different circumstances, it might be classified as one of those light-hearted comedies that, without trying too hard or risking too much, still manages to keep you entertained and leaves you in good spirits.

The story revolves around two friends who accompany their football team to a knockout round, traveling from Jerusalem to Poland. Along the way, they delve into deeper, more significant life matters. Primarily, the series is about friendship and the passage of time.

It merges comedy and drama seamlessly – one friend is ill and has just lost his father. But this series does not strictly fit into either category. It weaves a narrative without leaning heavily on either comedy or drama.

For reasons I hope you understand, we will not delve further into the details or conduct an in-depth analysis of any storyline. However, we do want to highlight that the series primarily deals with friendship, life’s essential elements, life, death, and time.

It’s a relatively simple comedy, where the two main characters often stumble into mishaps. The characters develop well, supported by a smart script. The series hinges more on dialogues and character evolution than its visual style.

It’s not an art house series, nor will it revolutionize your visual perspective: it’s straightforward in this respect, and its narratives lean more towards friendship and brotherhood.

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