Carol & the End of the World (2023) – An Animation Series on Netflix: How to cope with depression when you have 7 months left to live

Carol & the End of the World
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Carol & the End of the World is the new animated series written and directed by Dan Guterman.

“Carol & the End of the World” is a charming and hilarious depression that comes to us in the purest “American Dad” style, but thanks to its rhythm and its personal style, it manages to achieve its own uniqueness through clever storytelling, well-crafted script, and extremely funny situations.

But above all, “Carol & the End of the World” stands out for its ability to blend wild comedy with a melancholic and cadenced pace.

“Carol & the End of the World” has its own style, and that deserves celebration.


With a mysterious planet hurtling toward Earth, extinction is imminent for the world’s inhabitants. While most feel liberated to pursue their wildest dreams, a quiet and ever-uncomfortable woman stands alone, lost among the hedonistic masses.

About the series

An intelligent series, very intelligent: have you realized that every day in the world there are more lonely people who see no meaning in life? Yes, if you are among them like me, you are going to identify with this series. In addition, we present the premise: a comet arrives on Earth and you have seven months left to live. What would you do? You can’t seize the time in perpetual Carpe Diem because you see no sense in anything and, at the same time, the world goes crazy on the outside while you feel that existential emptiness within you that pushes you to… do absolutely nothing.

“Carol & the End of the World” revolves around this premise, a highly entertaining series that shows us, once again, and even though we sometimes forget, that there is intelligent life on this planet and that, there can still be original things in the industry that reach a different audience.

“Carol & the End of the World” is an animated series that, like recent television hits, doesn’t stand out for its animation, but for its well-crafted script and dialogue, targeting an adult audience who, though lonely and minority, finds in these series a breath of hope: there is intelligent life in this place.

“Carol & the End of the World” is a series that manages, without doing anything extraordinary, to be totally special because of its rhythm, its premise, and its perspective. None of these aspects are original, but in their particular combination, they make this series a delightful treat to savor and enjoy.

Extremely funny when it needs to be, always paced, and with a special sense of self-irony, this time focused on a deep existential depression.

Don’t miss it.

Release date

December 15, 2023

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