“Chappelle’s Home Team – Luenell: Town Business” (2023) | Stand-Up Comedy on Netflix | Half Hour of Travel Anecdotes and Commentary

Chappelle's Home Team - Luenell: Town Business
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TV Shows MCM

‘Chappelle’s Home Team – Luenell: Town Business’ is a stand-up show, that lasts a bit over 30 minutes, starring Luenell. It is executive produced by the renowned Dave Chappelle, and is now available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

Get ready to buckle up and prepare for an exciting ride as Luenell brings her comedic talent to the forefront in her debut Netflix stand-up special, Chappelle’s Home Team – Luenell: Town Business. Taking center stage in her hometown of Oakland, California, Luenell fearlessly tackles the hilarious quirks of air travel, emphasizing the significance of keeping the window shade up, and humorously appointing herself as the unofficial air marshal of the skies.

Luelle has a thing or two to say about air travel, from how the seat belts have been designed, to co-travelling and the plights of certain behaviors that fellow travellers can find annoying, and are brought forth in her monologue with a lot humor. It is short and sweet, meaning it only lasts 33 minutes. She does address her tendency to use the f-word a bit too often, and funnily explains how she has been trying to replace it for another expression.

Funny, sharp and as a good stand-up comedian, observant of the details in day to day life, which she relays with humor. Shy she is not.

Release Date

September 26, 2023

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About Luenell


Luenell Campbell, professionally known as Luenell, is a talented American comedienne and actress. Born on March 12, 1959, she is the youngest among eight siblings. Luenell made her mark in the early 1990s when she became a regular on Soul Beat TV, a popular Oakland, California cable station called KSBT. During that time, she shared the screen with the esteemed Bay Area African-American journalist Chauncey Bailey, who hosted an interview and talk show on the program.

Luenell’s acting prowess shone through in the 2006 mockumentary-style comedy film titled “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. This hit film showcased her exceptional talent as she portrayed the character of a prostitute named Luenell, a compassionate and kind-hearted hooker. Her comedic skills have also been showcased on the BET comedy series, Comicview, and she is currently featured on the latest season of Wild ‘N Out. Additionally, she made an appearance on the second episode of the Comedy Central comedic reality show, Reality Bites Back.

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