“Chicken Nugget” Series on Netflix: A (slightly geeky) Korean comedy series.

Chicken Nugget is a Netflix South Korean comedy series created by Lee Byeong-heon starring Ahn Jae-hong, Ryu Seung-ryong and Kim You-jung.

“Chicken Nugget” is a comedy show that either makes you laugh or makes you switch it off completely. Its plot either distances us (or draws us in), without being able to take a logical position: a pretty girl turned into a chicken nugget.

The rest of the story is more or less about two employees and a father, the owner of the company where all three work, plotting to rescue her from this sort of parallel universe of existential absurdity.

Will they be able to rescue the young girl trapped in the nugget?

About the show

It’s charming and manages to extract all the humor possible from this absurdity, which on the other hand, is nothing short of hilarious. A comedy with a very TV-friendly sense of humor, that relies on the strong acting performance of the two main characters (the dedicated father and the employee who is in love with the girl who turned into a nugget).

We recommend you to get past the first episode (which almost entirely takes place in a room). Then the show becomes more dynamic, with more characters and funny situations, and it begins to pick up the pace as the situations and characters are fleshed out.

Otherwise, it’s a very geeky humor. You need to understand quantum physics to get it a bit and why a girl can turn into a snack according to quantum law.

Our opinion

If you’re having a weird day, this show might cheer you up. If you’re looking for a serious show with a complex script, you might want to skip it.

A show that’s purely entertaining and absolutely nothing more than that.

Where to Watch “Chicken Nugget”


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