Comedy Royale | Netflix Series: The battle of humor in South Korea

Comedy Royale
TV Shows MCM
TV Shows MCM

Comedy Royale is a battle of humor in which twenty Korean humorists will compete for the scepter of humor and likability.

What happens when you gather twenty of the most acclaimed Korean comedians in a luxurious mansion? It’s called “Comedy Royale” and it’s Netflix’s new offering to make us burst into laughter.

Whether they succeed or not depends more on the audience and their sense of humor because these twenty comedians will give it their all to win this comedy battle and become more popular beyond their borders.

“Comedy Royale” is an entertaining show where each one showcases their unique side and tries to share their formula to make the viewer burst into laughter, simple as that.

The comedians won’t hesitate to dress up, gesticulate, and do whatever it takes to please the viewer.

Six episodes solely designed to make us laugh.


Lee Kyung-kyu
Lee Kyung-kyu
Moon Se-yoon
Moon Se-yoon
Tak Jae-hoon
Tak Jae-hoon
Lee Yong-jin
Lee Yong-jin

Chung Yeong-joon
Hwang Je-sung
Lee Eun-ji
Kim Seung-jin
Lee Chang-ho
Eom Ji-yoon
Jo Hoon
Kim Du-young
Choi Ji-yong
Park Jin-ho
Lee Sang-jun
Shin Kyu-jin
Na Sun-uk
Kwak Beom
Lee Seon-min
Lee Jae-youl

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