Deliver Me (2024) Series on Netflix: A Dramatic Depiction of an Even Sadder Truth

Deliver Me is a Swedish limited series starring Jhullian Carlsson, Ane Dahl Torp and Henrik Norlén.

“Deliver Me” is a series that leaves no doubt about its purpose: to deliver realism enhanced by music and dramatic narrative tools, aiming to further highlight a backdrop that’s even more heart-wrenching and ruthless. Netflix introduces us today to this series set against the backdrop of Sweden’s underworld, focusing on two teenagers entangled in gangs, crimes, and offenses.

A realistic, dramatic portrayal.


Billy and Dogge are teenagers recruited by a gang. The narrative unfolds dramatically as Dogge shoots Billy, exploring the repercussions of the crime for the minor involved, his family, and the family of the slain boy.

About the Series

Realistic, indeed, but made more evocative with its music, camera movements, and framing that emphasize the drama, making it somewhat less realistic. “Deliver Me” emerges with a definite aim: to narrate the story of two teenagers lost in a brutal and unforgiving world. Don’t expect any sugar-coating, as the series aspires to be, above all, a profoundly dramatic representation of a very real scenario, shedding light on the underbelly of a country that, this time, is Sweden, though it could just as easily be any other.

Typical of Swedish productions, the series offers a glimpse into the complex bureaucracy of government and societal structures, including social services and law enforcement, oftentimes disconnected from the communities they serve, failing to protect the younger population. It conveys a message: perfection is far off, improvements are needed, and reality vastly differs from daily news reports, with much progress yet to be made.

Indeed, “Deliver Me” serves as an eye-opener to which one should willingly approach: it critiques the situation and speaks dramatically of this reality, one of those series that from the get-go carries a moral lesson to which one should approach ready to face uncomfortable truths. Intrigued? It’s unlikely to become the series of the year, given its unsettling elements and intended impact, never meant to be a pleasant viewing experience.

This is not an action series, nor a tale of gangs, cops, and robbers: “Deliver Me” is a dramatic exploration of the current plight of some teenagers in a supposedly civilized European nation, where realities differ from the norm.

Cinematically speaking, it’s well-filmed with a deliberate pace that allows deep reflection for its characters, the true stars of this series. Don’t expect grandiose aesthetic ambitions: although there are intricate shots, technical and aesthetic ambitions are secondary, allowing the reality of the characters and their circumstances to take center stage.

Our Take

This is a series to approach with enthusiasm, a critical mind, and an eye toward the social realities rather than the story itself, as it aims to transcend its own narrative and serve as a mirror to a broader, more troubling and chaotic reality.

Where to Watch “Deliver Me”


Official Series Trailer

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