Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed – Stand-up Comedy Special on Netflix

Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Demetri Deconstructed is a stand-up comedy special starring and written by Demetri Martin, who leaves it all on the stage. Welcome to the world of Demetri Martin and his uniquely surreal humor, in which he is excellent at poking fun at himself to create this distinct, enjoyable and characteristic stand-up.

This stand-up is presented in a more cinematic formula, divided into parts and with touches of psychoanalysis: a deconstruction of himself, his own persona and the very principles of comedy. It’s a real challenge.

If you already know him, you’re sure to enjoy this distinct humor, with a keen sense of irony and aesthetic appeal, but above all, loaded with charm and originality.

Just so you know, from this Tuesday, on Netflix.

Release date

April 2, 2024

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Who is Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin
Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He is best known for his deadpan humor and unique style of comedy, which often features one-liners and drawings on a large pad. Martin gained popularity through his stand-up specials, including “If I” in 2004 and “Standup Comedian” in 2012. He has also appeared in various TV shows and films such as “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” “Contagion,” and “Take Me Home Tonight.” In addition to his successful career in entertainment, Martin is also a talented musician and has released albums of his comedic songs.

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