Don’t Hate the Player: A reality show on Netflix of betrayals, and mental and social games.

Don't Hate the Player
Veronica Loop

Don’t Hate the Player is a television show in which 13 contestants will have to use their wits to win a prize of 150,000 euros. Hosted by Claude Dartois.

7 women and 6 men will battle for a prize of 150,000 euros. In Mexico, 13 individuals will have to betray each other, through a process of elimination, to choose a single winner.

“Don’t Hate the Player” is a reality show which combines strategy games with a lot, a lot of social strategy, betrayal, and manipulation. The creators of the program won’t hesitate to manipulate either, introducing new rules as the game evolves.

This Wednesday, the first four episodes have been broadcast, which have already unleashed a heap of conflicts, eliminations, and surprises.

The game has two settings: a camp in the forest with few comforts, and a villa filled with amenities. Through the games, the 13 participants will be divided into two groups, the upper class against the lower class, and those from the upper class will have the power to vote to see who will be eliminated from among those at the camp.

A lot of battle of the sexes in a relentless confrontation in a game where no one trusts anyone and there are no allies without betrayal.

“Don’t Hate the Player” is a French reality show that, above all, is based on conflict and, without any pretext, seeks all kinds of ploys to create conflict among the program’s participants.

It doesn’t deny it, doesn’t hide it: social conflict is a part of life and this reality show affirms it once again.

If you want to find out who will take home the 150,000 dollars prize, you know, you can watch “Don’t Hate the Player” on Netflix from Wednesday, April 17th.

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