Expats (2024) – A New Seris on Prime Video Starring Nicole Kidman

Expats - Prime Video
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Expats is a series created by Lulu Wang starring Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue and Ji-young Yoo. It’s based on the novel by Janice Y.K. Lee.

Three very different women will see how their paths converge at a party in Hong Kong. None of them is from there, and none of them has quite found their place. However, tragedy unites them all.

“Expats” aims to turn tragedies around and show what no one wants to see: what happens to those who caused them? What becomes of their lives?

Expats - Prime Video
Expats – Prime Video

“Expats” is not a series that will be liked by everyone: it is a series that addresses psychological and transcendental themes. Can the loss of a child be overcome?

A series about women, very dramatic, as sad as it is sincere, and above all, brilliant in its aesthetic conception, elaborated in every shot, with excellent photography, and that stands out at all times for the performances of three women: Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo. All three are brilliant, and none shines excessively above the other actresses, neither in footage nor in dramatic strength in the script.

Expats - Prime Video
Expats – Prime Video

The three share a drama photographed in ochre tones and framed in a fantastically depicted Hong Kong.

“Expats” is a fantastic series that takes its characters very seriously: one of those series to watch calmly and savor every shot.

An excellent production in all aspects: elegant in its aesthetics and in an elaborate script.

Where to Watch “Expats”

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The Star: Nicole Kidman

Expats - Prime Video
Expats – Prime Video

Nicole Kidman, the elegant Australian actress, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood since her debut. With her versatility, talent, and captivating presence, Kidman has become one of the most prominent actresses of her generation. This career retrospective delves into the life, achievements, and significant moments of her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. Read more

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