‘Fake Profile’ (2023) Series on Netflix: Thriller with a 9 1/2 Weeks flavor

Fake Profile (2023)
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Fake Profile is a Colombian series on Netflilx, directed by Pablo Illanes, starring Carolina Miranda and Rodolfo Salas.

From the first shots you already know that you’re about to see an excellent production at a cinematographic level, with well-worked frames and excellent high-contrast photography. But we’re also given the female lead in a rather spicy show while her male counterpart is doing some push-ups so we can have a look at his sculpted abs.

Fake Profile
Fake Profile (2023)

Then the protagonists meet, both gorgeous, on an idyllic date (in Las Vegas, no less). Everything is perfect. Remember 365, the almost erotic Polish blockbuster? Well, more or less the same, but even more daring.

And then comes a series in the form of a somewhat soap opera thriller, with a good photographic quality, that’s fair to say, which manages to combine the two worlds in a well-constructed intrigue very prone to show these beautiful people wearing very little clothing because, why not?

As always, these are choices of the producers and we won’t get into it, but it won’t be enough to satisfy the most stylish viewers looking for a thriller, although it might convince those looking for a thriller full of morbidity and sculptural bodies. And there aren’t few of those.

A series that seeks more to make us look at how handsome they all are (which they are, no doubt) than at its plot, which also looks good. We have a win-win situation here, cause these people are smart.

In the end, a fairly commercial but entertaining product that, given the reception of 365, promises to be a success in the same line.

But with the plus that Fake Profile has a way better plot than those three movies.

P.S: It’s hard to believe how handsome these people are!

Fake Profile
Fake Profile (2023)


Camila meets her prince charming on a dating app. After an idyllic relationship, she decides to surprise him… and ends up trapped in a fake paradise. Camila meets her prince charming on a dating app. After an idyllic relationship, she decides to surprise him… and ends up trapped in a fake paradise.

The Stars

Carolina Miranda

Carolina Miranda

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Carolina, Miranda is an actress mainly known for her work in soap operas and television series. She appeared first on the small screen in 2012 for Los Rey as Fina Rey before finding a lead role in the soap opera Las Bravo where she played Carmen Bravo. The role of Carmen Bravo gained Carolina Miranda a Palma de Oro award, an award recognized at a national level. In 2015, Carolina was part of a reality show, La Isla. In that same year, she acted in a play called La Visita del Ángel, directed by Raúl Quintanilla. More

Rodolfo Salas
Rodolfo Salas

Rodolfo Salas

Rodolfo Salas was born on May 3, 1983, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He is a Venezuelan actor who has made a name for himself in cinema, theater, and television. Salas is best known for his roles as Daniel Valencia in the American telenovela Betty en NY on Telemundo and Dr. Arturo Molina in Televisa’s latest production, Médicos, línea de vida. More

Fake Profile Trailer

Release Date

May 31

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The Cast

Carolina Miranda

Carolina Miranda/Camila Román

Rodolfo Salas

Rodolfo Salas/Fernando Castell

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