Fallout (2024) Series on Prime Video: The most anticipated video-game adaptation

This adaptation of "Fallout" does not disappoint. It's successful in everything that it ventures, providing immense enjoyment through its action-packed plot and hilarious dialogues and scripts.

Veronica Loop

Fallout is a new sci-fi series created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. it stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan.

The much-awaited adaptation of one of the most renowned dystopian video-games has now arrived on Prime Video. A series whose primary appeal and challenge lay in bringing the world of the video-game to the screen, capturing the retro-futuristic dystopia that has fascinated so many fans.

Video-game enthusiasts will be delighted with its faithful aesthetic adaptation, and the maintenance of the spirit of the game, all while creating an entertaining story filled with humor and irony.

This Prime Video debut of the year is sure to please all.



Following a nuclear disaster, the remaining humans live underground, building a civilization from the fragments and memories left from the past, dreaming of recolonizing the surface once the radiation levels drop. However, the outside world is not as they expect.

About the series

The series is highly entertaining, fun, and offers cinematic amusement. By replicating the spirit of the video game, it achieves an exceptional and highly entertaining action series. Aesthetically, it’s a top-notch, high-budget series; a good story, exciting, entertaining, and quite funny, at times bordering on comedy.

For those unfamiliar with the video-game, it’s similar to Westworld, combining a retro side with a futuristic dystopia, but this time in a post-nuclear world. A fair share of western themes can be traced in the narrative about survivors and fighters and the overall aesthetic.

We greatly enjoyed the sense of humor, with a touch of the fifties alongside dark (even macabre) jokes. It skillfully plays around parody and irony within its plot, being a family series, and if you pay attention, a series with a considerable amount of irony inherent in the simplicity of its script.

In terms of production, it is excellent, nearly luxurious. We cannot fault it technically; the entire series is outstanding, with exquisitely crafted shots, aesthetic, effects, and editing – a true high-end production.

Our Opinion

As for entertainment, it’s recommended without a doubt. It has everything for perfect amusement and possesses the perfect blend of cinema for all audiences, laden with hilarious humor.

Technically, it’s brilliant in all aspects.

Where to Watch “Fallout”

Prime Video

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