‘Fantastic Fungi’ (2019) – A Documentary on Netflix – Review: Eyeopening

Elisabeth Plank

Fantastic Fungi (2019) is a documentary that takes us into the world of fungi and their bountiful nature.


This documentary takes us on a tour de force in the world of fungi. It is an extensive coverage of the many uses and applications of fungi, spanning from therapeutic applications, to industrial uses, such as, its potential as a replacement of plastic. Time lapsed photo sequences show us how astounding mycelium, mushrooms, and other fungi are.

Fantastic Fungi Image
Fantastic Fungi (2019)

Our Opinion

This is an impressive production. It is visually stunning, with exquisite time lapse photography sequences of rare beauty. It covers the topic of fungi and numerous facets of this organism, and its potential uses. We were entertained and were introduced to a new world. An absolutely recommendable watching experience.

fantastic fungi documentary netflix
Fantastic fungi (2019)

Where to Watch Fantastic Fungi

On Netflix

Other Reviews

“A charming blend of science and conjecture, ‘Fantastic Fungi’ wants to free your mind.”

Jeannette Catsoulis: The New York Times

“With its spectacular footage of growth and decay and impassioned speeches about the magic of mushrooms, this documentary is a treat for the eye and ear (…)”

Andrew Pulver: The Guardian



Brie Larson / Narrator (voice)


Paul Stamets


Michael Pollan


Roland Griffiths


Andrew Weil

Mary P. Cosmiano

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