Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen (2024) Comedy on Netflix: Fern Brady in all her self-irony and naturalness

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen
Martin Cid

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen is a stand-up comedy special starring Fern Brady and directed by Phoebe Bourke.

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen
Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen

Netflix brings to us this Monday a special stand-up featuring a lady who started as a journalist and then plunged into the world of stand-up, achieving great success. Fern Brady is a Scot, and as she tells us, also has Irish blood and has been diagnosed as autistic.

People tell her that being autistic is like having a superpower: a comic who drops monologues about Sylvia Plath without realizing that the audience isn’t interested at all. “Autistic Bikini Queen” is a collection of reflections about herself, age, and her times as a stripper at a strip club (she says), which were the best times of her life.

Fern Brady begins to accept her age, realizing she will never attend an Eyes Wide Shut style orgy and that the times ahead are going to be… less glamorous.

Dressed in black, simple and very down-to-earth, Fern Brady offers a casual monologue that exudes approachability and naturalness, always achieving a rapport with the audience to whom she seems to say: Hey, I’m not perfect either!

“Autistic Bikini Queen” is a hilarious monologue by this woman who humorously takes her diagnosis in stride, and moreover, has done a lot in discussing autism and dissipating the negative stigma it still carries with humor and much naturalness.

So you know, if you’re in the mood for some fun, you can tune in to “Autistic Bikini Queen” from Monday, April 22nd on the network known as Netflix which, every Monday, introduces us to a new comic.

Enjoy it.

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