Fifth Part of “The Upshaws” on Netflix: A Sitcom Blast from the Past

The Upshaws
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The Upshaws is a sitcom starring Mike Epps, Kim Fields and Wanda Sykes.

As if it sprang from an episode of Black Mirror, “The Upshaws” immerses us in a sitcom where everything – and we mean everything – seems to harken back to another era in terms of style, canned laughter, set design, themes, and pace of TV.

“The Upshaws” is a series aimed at taking us back to the golden age of sitcoms – the 80s, dusting off all the old tropes to refreshingly retell the story of this problem-ridden family who navigate their issues with laughter and mutual support.

The series features Mike Epps and Kim Fields and, of course, the shining star, Wanda Sykes, who plays the role of Lucrecia, the sister of Regina and sister-in-law of Bennie. Around them orbit the kids, the new generation, their age differences providing for various types of narratives set around the repair shop.

Additionally, Wanda Sykes is one of the creators of the series, alongside Reina Y. Hicks.

If you have a fondness for 80s sitcoms, this is a prime opportunity to revisit those shows that had us hooked years ago with their easy humor and simple plots encapsulated in brisk 20-minute episodes.


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