“Geek Girl”: Another Teen Comedy on Netflix about the World of Fashion

A Modern Take on Classic Teen Tropes

“Geek Girl” is a Netflix series starring Emily Carey. With Emmanuel Imani, Liam Woodrum , and Tim Downie. It is created by Holly Smale and Jessica Ruston.

Are you in the mood for another teen series focusing on a quirky adolescent discovering herself? “Geek Girl” attempts to show us that traditional themes, even when given a modern twist, still hold appeal. Much like “Emily in Paris” (2020) or “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), the fashion world continues to allure with its extravagance and apparent frivolity. Despite demanding little from the viewer in terms of narrative depth and script complexity, these settings provide a backdrop for straightforward, amusing series or films carried by actors eager to embrace their eccentric roles.

In “Geek Girl,” we find a simple, light-hearted comedy for teenagers that juxtaposes the realms of high school and professional fashion. The plot unfolds predictably: the central character, Harriet Manners (played by Emily Carey), is smart, attractive, young, and kind-hearted. The story follows her journey as she meets a handsome and sensitive boy, Nick Park (played by Liam Woodrum), alongside the typical antagonists and the faithful friend who inevitably brings additional conflict.

No, “Geek Girl” doesn’t break new ground. It dives into the classic teen drama territory to deliver a series much like countless others, one that might unexpectedly become a hit, though this would surprise everyone except the producers.

Plot Summary

Harriet is a highly intelligent, red-haired, somewhat geeky teenager. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is discovered at the London Fashion Week. From that moment, her world changes, and she can no longer maintain her normal routine, especially after meeting Nick, a handsome and intelligent model who prompts Harriet to reevaluate her life. Despite remaining the same smart and likable girl, these changes affect her life and those around her.

“Geek Girl” is a straightforward series that, with the usual elements, achieves the usual outcomes. Teen series, despite our surprise, never quite manage to fully astonish us, especially once we reach adulthood and look back at that world of dreams, boys, and grand aspirations that serendipitously come true. “Geek Girl” is another modern fairy tale for teenagers, rehashing familiar themes in a contemporary setting, much like the timeless charm of Christmas.

Production and Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically, “Geek Girl” adheres to typical television production standards in terms of costume, set design, and overall ambiance. It doesn’t strive to stand out or be extravagant in its approach; it’s a series created for teenagers, aiming to give them what they want rather than introduce them to a sophisticated artistic world.

“Geek Girl” leans more towards a light drama with comedic touches rather than a pure comedy. It never fully commits to being a comedy or a parody of the fashion world. Instead, it strives to resonate with teenage perspectives, taking them seriously while delivering a simple, charming series that entertains without any surprising twists.

The Star: Emily Carey

Emily Carey, an English actress known for her secondary roles in productions like “Wonder Woman” (2017) and “House of the Dragon” (2022), steps into the spotlight as Harriet. This role marks her emergence as a promising young talent, and she is acutely aware of this, doing her utmost to endear herself to the audience, aiming to be as charming and relatable as possible for the young viewers. Whether she succeeds or not is for the young audience to decide.

Our Opinion

“Geek Girl” doesn’t offer anything new nor does it seek to rewrite cinema history. It merely presents another series based on the same formulas, situations, and characters that we know perform well commercially. And, most likely, this approach will continue to be successful with “Geek Girl,” which you can now watch on Netflix.

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