Get Smart with Money (2022) – A Netflix Documentary

Get Smart with Money is a documentary directed by Stephanie Soechtig.

A different documentary that follows money experts while advising various people on how to manage their personal finances. As they state at the beginning of the documentary, the advice given might not apply to everybody.

DISCLAIMER: we are going to comment on its entertainment value, not on the advice given in the show.

About the Documentary

This is a show that, in theory, teaches us how to manage personal finances, and provides various examples with real-life scenarios, in order to “make more” or “save more”. It presents individual cases and the experts then advise the people concerned.

Far different from documentaries about “macroeconomics” (Inside Job), this one addresses the topic (money) from another angle entirely, addressing individual cases of people trying to get by, with down to earth tips on how to save and invest.

Presented by agreeable people, and keeping a close and intimate tone that invites us to trust, and feel “at home” in this documentary, it might be very comforting to many viewers, and might even encourage many to accept the task of managing their personal finances as they might see a way to do it thanks to this show, who knows? As a documentary it is more of a feel-good reportage in a morning TV show.

Our opinion

It is a feel-good documentary, which will serve as a soothing balm for many with money-angst. If it actually assists people in improving their financial situation we dare not say. As a show, it is easy-watching produced with an amicable tone that is inoffensive and innocuous.

Release Date

September 6, 2022.

Where to Watch Get Smart with Money


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