‘Hannah Gadsby: Something Special’ (2023). Stand-Up Comedy Special on Netflix, May 9

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special
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Hannah Gadsby wins us over thanks to her amiable personality based on the following premise: we’re all doomed, so let’s have fun for the next hour.

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special
Hannah Gadsby: Something Special

We aren’t going to say that good Hannah isn’t right, she obviously is. In this show she brings us up to date, plenty of irony, on the current affairs and social controversies … Everything told in a subtle, intelligent way, peppered with anecdotes about everyday life and the recent marriage of our hostess, who does not hesitate to dig into her personal issues and tell us about them.

Very fun and with a lot of undertone irony, with the cleverness of taking serious issues lightly and being serious about mundane matters.

It is part of the comedy and laughter strategy: to break mental schemes. Undoubtedly, Hannah Gadsby achieves this with her very particular style.

An occasion like any other to forget that machines are out there thinking about how to take control and make the world safer with Skynet.

Enjoy it… while you can.

Release Date

May 9, 2023

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The Star: Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby
Hannah Gadsby. Depostiphotos

Growing up in Smithton, Tasmania, Gadsby faced hardships from a young age. As a queer person, she struggled with acceptance and, at times, experienced bullying from her peers. However, Gadsby used these difficult experiences as fuel to develop her unique perspective on life and her distinct brand of comedy.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Curatorship at the Australian National University, Gadsby worked several odd jobs before finding her true calling as a comedian. Participating in the Raw Comedy competition in 2006, Gadsby’s performance caught the attention of the audience and catapulted her into the world of stand-up comedy. More

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