“Hard Broken” (2023) – A Mystery Series on Netflix

Hard Broken
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Hard Broken is a mystery thriller series on Netflix. It stars Muhanned Al Hamdi and Rasha Bilal among others.

A series with a lot of mystery and intertwined stories, told around a night that breaks the lives of the characters.

A series narrated in flashbacks, with an interesting labyrinth structure created for mystery fans.

A web of relationships that triggered the tragedy.


In the aftermath of a devastating murder, a close-knit group of friends finds themselves caught in a whirlwind of chaos. This harrowing event serves as a catalyst, unearthing the concealed passions, secret love affairs, and shocking betrayals that were carefully concealed beneath the facade of their seemingly flawless lives. The shocking crime not only shatters their tranquility but also exposes the intricate web of emotions and deceptions that had been festering within their midst. As the investigation unfolds, the friends are forced to confront the dark truths that have been lurking just beneath the surface, forever altering their once idyllic existence.

Release Date

September 20, 2023

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Episode List

Bloody Night

A devastating incident occurred when a young woman was ruthlessly murdered, causing immense turmoil within a close-knit circle of friends. In the aftermath, law enforcement diligently scoured the crime scene in hopes of uncovering any crucial evidence that could shed light on the perpetrator. Despite their exhaustive efforts, not a single trace of evidence could be found, leaving the investigation at a standstill.

Once upon a time

During police questioning, a person who had been defiant and resistant finally gives in and starts to disclose hidden secrets that were concealed beneath the seemingly flawless surface of Yasmine and Adam’s marriage.


Saad decides to personally take charge of the investigation, delving deep into the case and discovering shocking revelations that completely shatter his previous understanding of Yasmine’s murder.


The police are currently in the process of gathering additional evidence related to the ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, Youssef finds himself receiving an unexpected visitor at his dental clinic. Filled with a sense of urgency, he makes every effort to locate and obtain Yasmine’s clandestine phone.

Love on the 6th floor

In a selfless act, Saad makes a significant sacrifice for Adam, demonstrating the depth of their connection. As the story unfolds through a series of captivating flashbacks, a hidden and intricate relationship is unveiled, forming the very core of the perplexing murder mystery.

Better served cold

The police managed to arrive just in the nick of time, effectively preventing yet another tragic loss of life. Finally, after much investigation and unraveling of intricate details, the perplexing truth surrounding the untimely demise of Yasmine is brought to light.

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