Hazbin Hotel: An Animation for Adults Series on Prime Video

Hazbin Hotel - Prime Video
Alice Lange

Hazbin Hotel is an animation series created by Vivienne Medrano.

Hazbin Hotel comes to us with the stamp of A24, which has been a string of successes. Now it’s time for adult animation.

Prime Video changes its usual family-friendly tone to take us on this series full of adult jokes, fun, fantasy, and uniqueness.


Lilith and Lucifer’s daughter opens a hotel in an attempt to save demons from extermination. Poor thing does what she can with some rude and vicious employees who will try to convince sinners to avoid their own demise.

About the show

“Hazbin Hotel” is a series full of style and contrasts, somewhat in the line of other animated series like Harley Quinn. It’s even funnier: Disney-style songs, very suggestive jokes everywhere, rhythm, and above all, style and irony.

“Hazbin Hotel” is a series that tries to turn everything around: sinners are the heroes and try to redeem other sinners. Yes, the intentions of these two girls are commendable but quite challenging.

It’s an entertaining, very funny series at times, easily binge-worthy (the episodes barely last half an hour), and comes with the backing of the huge fame of A24 and other similar series that have been successful on other platforms. So much so that its second season has already been confirmed, and that’s quite something considering the first season premieres today.

The animation has a lot of style, a lot of personality, and the series maintains its tone throughout its episodes. Will it please Prime Video subscribers? That remains to be seen, because “Hazbin Hotel” doesn’t invent a new formula nor is it too innovative in this concept. It’s a fun series that doesn’t redefine the genre or bring much novelty.

However, it does have wit in its themes, but the realm of adult animation stopped attracting attention long ago by crossing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate in terms of jokes, and “Hazbin Hotel” once again surpasses them without really innovating in the concept.

In any case, it’s another safe bet from Prime Video that manages, yes, to expand its audience with this good A24 animated series.

Where to Watch “Hazbin Hotel”

Prime Video

Hazbin Hotel - Prime Video
Hazbin Hotel – Prime Video
Hazbin Hotel – Prime Video
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