‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2: An Ordinary High School, but Very Special

Loaded with charm and strength, "Heartbreak High" is a series designed for teenagers that delivers what their young audience craves: joy, conflict, and a challenge to the status quo

Heartbreak High
Liv Altman

Heartbreak High is a youth series starring Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloé Hayden and Asher Yasbincek among other young actors. It is a remake of the 1994 series.

“Heartbreak High” is an Australian series that revives the legendary 90s series and rejuvenates it, bringing it into the modern era. Don’t expect your typical high school show where everything, at its core, is just a moral lesson in disguise to tell us that everything is right and that rules exist for a reason. “Heartbreak High” is a series that questions all these contemporary norms from a youthful perspective.

“Heartbreak High” brings up very modern topics from the typical high school setup, like the battle of the sexes, prevailing morality, and how rebellion serves as a chance to rethink things and say that not everything is alright.

A provocative series, where the characters can burst into song in one scene or do something absurd to constantly break away from the traditional high school show mold.

It is a comedy indeed, but it also offers serious and fun reflection from a teenage perspective.

If you’re expecting another dumb show about dumb teenagers, this series has a lot to teach.

About the series

Above all, it’s very entertaining and always attempts to address current issues by blending comedy and realism. “Heartbreak High” is a series that never wants to lose its realistic touch, yet it strives to maintain its youthful and cheerful spirit. This is a series that is easy and hugely enjoyable to watch, especially if you’re young.

Compared to similar shows: this one wins. It knows how to play on the edge of provocation and reflection, between absurd humor and harsh realism, between a dramatic situation and, in the next sequence, returning to comedy. In this regard, it skillfully guides us through the realm of teenage emotion, where everything is like a roller coaster, going from joy to happiness in a moment.

It doesn’t show an elaborate proposition at the aesthetic level: the dynamics of the narrative matter more than creating the perfect focus to dazzle classic cinema lovers. In “Heartbreak High,” everything must be quick, lively, cheerful, fun, and dramatic, and the narrative agrees with this: it tells a thousand things in a short time, a thousand intertwined stories without losing the thread or the tone.

Our opinion

Yes, everything revolves around sex and it seems to be the Australian version of that series starring Gillian Anderson, but “Heartbreak High” has plenty to say with its well-drawn and intricate characters.

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