“Hierarchy” – Netflix’s Latest Korean Thriller: A Youthful Journey Through Social Structure, Love, and Mysteries

Hierarchy” is a new series starring Lee Chae-Min, Roh Jeong-eui, Lee Won-jung and Ji Hye-won. It is created by Bae Hyeon-jin and Chu Hye-mi.

Netflix welcomes this Friday with a riveting new Korean production that revisits a successful genre – a youthful thriller that intertwines intrigue, social classes, and a string of murders. Sound familiar? Indeed, this relatively new genre has been making waves, series after series, ever since the groundbreaking television drama ‘Elite’ (2018, Netflix) set the trend. Sticking to this successful formula, the latest series unfolds in Korea, focusing on the heirs of “chaebols” (재벌) or business magnates – young, classy and, most importantly, incredibly affluent.


The Plotline

In a luxurious and exclusive Korean high school, social status is everything. On one hand, you have the heirs of wealthy families, who are accustomed to having their way. On the other hand, there are the lower-class students who accept the dictums from the rich heirs, knowing full well that they would eventually end up working for them.

A new scholar arrives at the school, determined to uncover the mysteries surrounding his friend’s death, which occurred at the same institution. As the plot thickens, all signs point to a group of students and particularly to a mysterious girl named Jung Jae-i, the daughter of a well-known businessman.

About the Series

Korean dramas, especially on Netflix, are a global sensation for hitting the right chords with the audience. Consistently delivering high-quality content, performed by talented and attractive actors, these series never fail to provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

“Hierarchy” is no exception, with a high-end production that features opulent mansions, sports cars, lavish parties and extravagant outfits. Everything is designed to create an atmosphere of luxury and fanciful sophistication – precisely what the audience expects.

The script does not disappoint either, with a thrilling storyline that intertwines romance, revenge and narratives of young students feeling abandoned by their powerful parents. Adhering to a tried-and-tested formula, “Hierarchy” chooses to satisfy audience expectations, sprinkling a few plot twists and amplifying the appeal with K-style aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Unsurprisingly, “Hierarchy” delivers just what we expect from it – no frills or drastic deviations from the familiar. It adapts the successful formula, adds a couple of script turns, and focuses on high-quality production. Though it may be predictable, it certainly doesn’t disappoint, and the high visual aesthetics are a feast for the eyes.

Where to Watch “Hierarchy”


Molly Se-kyung
Molly Se-kyung
Molly Se-kyung is a novelist and film and television critic. She is also in charge of the style sections.
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