How to Change Your Mind. Now On Netflix – Review

Cómo Cambiar tu Mente (2022)
Elisabeth Plank
Elisabeth Plank

How to Change Your Mind (2022) is a four part docu-series about psychedelics, their history and the scientific studies of these. It is directed by Alison Ellwood and Lucy Walker.


Author Michael Pollan co-produces this series in the pursuit of further knowledge of these psychedelic substances and its possible applications.
It covers the history of each substance, and looks into the scientific research, past and present, in this field.

Each episode is dedicated to a substance.
Episode 1.: LSD
Episode 2: Psilocybin
Episode 3: MDMA
Episode 4: Mescaline

This series aims to entertain and inform.

Our Opinion

In recent years the subject of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes seems to have gained some ground. On Netflix it is not a new subject matter, see for example Fantastic Fungi (2019). How to Change Your Mind is an engaging series. Well produced, with plenty of interviews, and case studies. I would say it is an enjoyable and somewhat informative watching experience.

Release Date

July 12, 2022.

Where to Watch

On Netflix.

About the Series

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