“Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso” (2023) | True Crime on Netflix: A Vietnamese iced coffee changed it all

Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso is a 2023 Indonesian true crime documentary series that tells the story of the murder of Wayan Mirna Salihin by her friend Jessica Wongso. The series was directed by Rob Sixsmith and produced by Netflix.

On January 6, 2016, Mirna Salihin was murdered by cyanide while having coffee at Café Olvier. The only accused was Jessica Wongso. What initially seemed like an insignificant case turned into a media sensation. Why did a seemingly straightforward case attract so much media attention?

Beyond a murder possibly motivated by jealousy, the case had hidden depths, with speculations of involvement from criminal organizations. That Vietnamese iced coffee at a luxury establishment in Jakarta became a social media phenomenon.

About the documentary

“Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso” is a true crime story told in meticulous detail. We have access to the café’s surveillance footage from that day, as well as records, witness statements, and testimonies.

Initially, the case appeared clear, except for inconsistencies in the witnesses’ statements during a public trial. Everyone seemed to have something to hide that day, and naturally, the matter exploded in the media and on social networks. Jessica Wongso became a star, with thousands of followers who believed in her innocence.

A wealthy girl turned media sensation with a murder trial? Yes, it was an affair that couldn’t be ignored, and we all know how the media works.
And the audiences.

Our Opinion

It may not be the most shocking true crime story we’ve seen, but it has the peculiarity of taking us out of familiar settings and showing how similar media sensations occur even in Jakarta. It highlights how cultural differences are narrowing every day.

There’s a lot of irony in all of this, on a completely international platform that brings us closer to other cultures, religions, customs, and environments. Sadly, we witness how these documentaries succeed here and there, with similar audience behaviors.

Echoes of a globalized world.

This time, over a Vietnamese iced coffee.

Documentary Trailer

Release Date

September 28, 2023

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