If I Were Luísa Sonza: A Docuseries on Netflix

If I Were Luísa Sonza
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Luísa Sonza is a Brazilian singer who became famous thanks to her YouTube videos, where she had reached an impressive number of 600,000 followers.

From there, everything came: a talented musician boyfriend, fame, and… Luísa Sonza, at just twenty years old, is one of the most famous people in Brazil and one of the most loved and hated singers in the whole country.

A documentary in which the singer gives us access to her life and lets us in: she has recorded everything (or almost everything), from her wedding to more intimate moments.

Luísa is a product of social media and she has known how to take advantage of it like no other, promoting her beauty and talent, and that’s why she received countless criticisms.

At the same time, as we can see in the documentary, this girl has managed to connect with younger girls and a broader audience, sharing her life, her problems, and narrating her intimacy.

A girl who, after her great success “Brava,” became known to the world and now, on Netflix, has the opportunity to be even more famous with her spectacular beauty and talent.

A documentary mainly for her fans, one of those that Netflix has accustomed us to in recent weeks, where well-known singers let us into their privacy.

Enjoy it.

Release date

December 13, 20233

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About Luísa Sonza

Luísa Sonza
Luísa Sonza. De Corazon Filmes – Vimeo: DO-RITOS MAIS QUE MUSICA – LUISA SON-ZA, ZANETTI (view archived source), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=137413718

Luísa Gerloff Sonza, a talented Brazilian singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful vocals and infectious pop tunes. Born on July 18, 1998, in Tuparendi, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Luísa rose to fame in 2014 through her captivating cover songs on YouTube. Since then, she has signed with major record labels and released several successful albums, solidifying her position as one of Brazil’s most prominent musical artists. Read more

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