Ilary Blasi: The One and Only (2023) – Documentary on Netflix

"Ilary Blasi: The One and Only" is now available on Netflix

Ilary Blasi: The One and Only is a documentary directed by Tommaso Deboni.

In a Roman derby, Francesco Totti revealed a shirt that said: “Unique, dedicated to conquering her heart, Ilary Blasi’s heart. If you like football, it is impossible not to know Totti, an icon for the city of Rome who never left his team.

Francesco and Ilary formed the perfect, idyllic couple, with three children, always laughing, a true pride for Rome.

And also, the center of all attention and gossip.

“Ilary Blasi: The One and Only” narrates the breakdown of their marriage and how everything changed after Totti’s retirement from football.

“Ilary Blasi: The One and Only” is Ilary Blasi’s perspective on how this dramatic breakup happened.

About the documentary

Well, this Friday, on Netflix, we have a bit of everything. The only thing missing, curiously, is a Christmas movie.

But what we won’t lack is this heartfelt story that filled magazine covers and captured all the attention. Now the protagonist gives us the reasons for the breakup and why it happened and the feelings to face the future.

Just another occasion to captivate, once again, all the attention.

That’s what this game is about, we don’t intend to criticize.

Ilary Blasi is open, very friendly, and also deeply affected by the breakup, showing her most human side all the time, acting dramatically at times, and sympathetically at others. A true star, on and off the stage.

The actress and model doesn’t hesitate to open the doors of her home to introduce us to her mother, she introduces us to her friends and lets us read the mobile phone messages, especially one that sparked Totti’s jealousy.

An opportunity to take a look at the lives of the famous and this marriage that seemed perfect and then turned out not to be so.

A world of Ferraris, luxury cars, and beautiful people who live the breakup as a tragedy while selling exclusives to the gossip press.

How dramatic!

Enjoy it with good health.

Release Date

November 24, 2023

Watch “Ilary Blasi: The One and Only”


About Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi, an Italian showgirl, model, television personality, and former child actress, has captured the hearts of audiences with her talent and charm. Born on April 28, 1981, in Rome, Italy, Blasi has become a prominent figure in the television industry, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment world. Read more

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