‘Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore’ – True Crime Documentary Series on Netflix – Gore and Spectacle

Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore
Elisabeth Plank

Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore is a the latest installment of the Netflix documentary true crime series Indian Predator. On this occasion it chronicles the hunt and capture of the ruthless Bangalore killer.

The hit series that does not shy away from serving the gory details in their chronicling of sordid cases. In ‘Beast of Bangalore’ we hear about severed heads and mutilated genitals. Need we say more? Well, the mining mafia is mentioned. Could there be more to the story than meets the eye?

A teetering police force goes on a wild pursuit of a vicious and brutal killer of women who is gripping a state.

Episode List



Fear ripples through Chitradurga when a young woman is murdered amid horrific cases of assault. A frantic probe leads to an unexpected suspect.



In Bangalore, Umesh Reddy continues his lawless streak. Circling the case, police are stumped by some increasingly unusual findings and a bold escape.



As Reddy preys on women, media sensationalism reaches its peak. What will it take to catch the ingenious predator and for justice to prevail?

Release Date

December 16, 2022

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