Indian Predator The Butcher of Delhi: Netflix Series Review

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi (2022 - )
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Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is the new true crime series on Netflix. It recounts the hunt for the serial killer, Chandrakant Jha, nicknamed “The Butcher of Delhi”. A macabre story that follows the events and subsequent investigation of his vile crimes, which is recounted in this two-part documentary series.

A fascinating and horrifying series.

The series is directed by Ayesha Sood, and produced by Vice India. It takes us into the exhaustive police work that follows the clues to catch this killer.

Series Review

An account of the enthralling and exhaustive work of police investigation and analysis.

Predators of India: The Butcher of Delhi parts from a gruesome story that its producers have squeezed to the fullest. From the obvious giveaway in the title itself, to its television formulas in the purest true crime style, and “take care that your children go out at night” it evokes, the film is an account of the most perverse and threatening trait of the humankind, which this documentary does not hesitate to show us through dramatizations, found footage and interviews.

What we consider the best in this docu-series? The excellent documentation work and the pace of the series, which will make us discover the secrets of this “person” named Chandrakant Jha, how he tried to mock the police, and his more than evident resemblance to the most infamous (and the first chronicled) of serial killers that gained notoriety through the media and press: Jack the Ripper.

The case bears many similarities to that of the London murderer (which, by the way, recent studies have disproven many of the innumerable assumptions made about him at the time). The way in which this gruesome (we emphasize this) documentary is treated also reminds us of the newspapers of that period, or rather to its cinematographic approximations.

“On researching this case I realised that this is indeed an important story to tell. Our intent with this series was to give the viewers a ringside view to the journey of one of the scariest serial killers in Indian crime.”

Ayesha Sood, director

The documentary has a very good narrative rhythm, and knows where to poke its finger, it is obvious that a lot of work has been put into this production, which comes to us from India Today (the newspaper) and a production company called Vice Media (no comments, the name says it all) .

If you are into grisly crime stories, don’t miss it, it is right up your aisle.

At the same time, it allows us to learn a little more about that wonderful country that is India, with all its contrasts, this time around without Bollywood.

For that we will have Shamshera on Friday, which will surely appeal to another audience.

Our opinion

Hefty, truculent, and provocative. Well put together, including good interviews and conversations with people who had been involved the case, and using found footage, basically applying all the “weapons” required to “hook” the viewer.

Based on a True Story

The Butcher of Delhi was a serial killer whose modus operandi was to dismember his victims, and scatter their body parts in random places around the city of Delhi. He would leave trails in the form of notes for the police, in a grotesque game of cat and mouse.

Release Date

July 20, 2022.

Where to Watch Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi

On Netflix.

Series Trailer

About the TV Series

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