Introducing “Super Rich in Korea”, a Netflix reality show designed to offer a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the ultra-rich

Super Rich in Korea
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Today, we bring you “Super Rich in Korea”, a Netflix spectacle that invites viewers to witness the extravagant lifestyles of the wealthy elite. Amidst the opulence, three guests hilariously comment (literally bursting into laughter) on the frivolities and eccentricities of the most indulgent millionaires. Meet a fashion-forward young woman barely tipping the scales at 88 pounds, a boastful Singaporean tycoon proud of his wealth, and an irresistibly charming Italian…

Remember the legends of Catherine the Great, rumored never to wear the same dress twice? “Super Rich in Korea” captures this similar ethos, but spun into a Korean reality show dripping with irony. Here, we peek into the lives of Korea’s wealthiest, in one of the world’s most expensive and cutting-edge locales.

And honestly, the show is designed for a bit of laughter at it all.

A program centered around wealth and the shared folly that even the richest share with the rest of humanity.

About the Reality Show

There’s not much to say except that it’s delightfully absurd. The gimmick wears thin within five minutes, boiling down to a simple premise: these individuals lead lives set apart from the ordinary, blessed with fortune, dedicating their days to cultivating their peculiar breed of folly. Nothing more. Meanwhile, “Super Rich in Korea” comprises three guests in a studio, discussing the show where the conversation incessantly revolves around monetary value—how much a dress costs or the price tag of a house—all while sharing laughs, a universally welcome distraction.

The Format: Korean-Style Reality Show

For those unfamiliar, allow me to explain. There are two settings: one features the guests providing commentary and their takes on what they’re seeing; the other showcases the reality series itself, this time presenting interlinked documentaries displaying the millionaires’ lifestyles.

Our three amiable Korean hosts will share their insights, which, predictably, can’t extend far beyond acknowledgment of a world far removed from ours, a realm of the blessed few observed with a distant smile and a touch of envy.

The Spoons

As the saying goes, everyone is born into a social class that they cannot change in their lifetime: you are either born rich or poor, middle-class, lower or upper, but you are stuck in your class. In Korea, this concept is coined as “spoons”: silver, gold… each person belongs to a “spoon” (class), and this time, we get to observe those born with “golden spoons”.

Netflix Dives into the Populist Genre

As we know, Netflix offers a wide range: from cult movies to high-quality series and… shows that are neither cult nor high-quality but are entertaining and bring smiles to faces.

“Super Rich in Korea” belongs to the latter category and might pique your curiosity. Will you learn anything? It’s uncertain if it’ll make you smarter (highly doubtful), but you will gain insight into how millionaires live and realize they may not be the brightest. The show might teach you, for instance, what a micro-bag is (a tiny handbag that fits nothing, yet costs a fortune due to its brand name).

Or maybe, the show’s intent is precisely that – to highlight these lucky individuals who, with minimal effort, have everything in life.

Unmerited fortune, at least according to the show’s narrative.

Where to Watch “Super Rich in Korea”


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