‘Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer’ Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Special: Bridging the Outdated and the Cutting-Edge, An Unabashed Sense of Humor

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer
Jun Satō

Jimmy Carr stars in Natural Born Killer, a stand-up comedy special directed by Brian Klein.

From a glorious start, where he shatters all current taboos that say we can’t joke about anything, Jimmy Carr does exactly that. He mocks everything and crosses all those lines that humor supposedly can’t cross. He does this with his old-fashioned demeanor, as if he was plucked straight out of a Lucille Ball sitcom.

Jimmy Carr allows himself to make jokes about drunk driving, adult films, and many other topics that most of us wouldn’t dare to mention. But good old Jimmy does, with charm, boldness, and a lot of nerve. His appearance helps, his boyish face cracking extremely risqué and potentially offensive jokes that stir controversy, but also boost ratings.

Jimmy Carr proves that we’re all a bit fed up with so much censorship. In essence, a joke is just that, a joke – it brings joy, entertains, and it doesn’t harm anyone or trigger international disputes.

The stand-up special constantly plays with mixing “retro” jokes with modern ones, creating an aggressively contemporary show that is also, paradoxically, “retro”. It takes today’s jokes, removes them from their context, and applies them to two different timelines. Combined with a dash of humor, they merge wonderfully into a joke that is simultaneously current, outdated, and ironic and very funny (and daring).

“Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer” is a healthy, enjoyable show that knows how to laugh at censorship itself, thanks to the persona and spectacular intonation of the brilliant comedian, Jimmy Carr.

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