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Last One Standing
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Last One Standing is a Japanese talk show/survival drama series produced by Netflix. It stars the comedy duo Chidori and features a number of Japanese comedians as contestants.

The first season of “Last One Standing” was launched on March 8, 2022 and now we can watch the second one.

The show is a unique combination of comedy and drama, with the comedians competing to be the last one standing by telling jokes and performing in unscripted scenes. However, if their jokes don’t land or they fail to make the judges laugh, they are eliminated from the show.

A series that, above all, has the value of introducing us to a different television concept and a new way of understanding comedy: comedians performing in a fictional thriller. If the performance isn’t funny, they simply have to leave the show. A generous prize awaits the winner.

About the series

A unique humor that combines reality show with thriller, originating from Japan, and ultimately relying on the humor and improvisation skills of the ensemble of comedian protagonists, as always in comedy.

The ensemble is uneven, entertaining at times, and yes, very interesting to continue this touristic journey through comedy from different countries and cultures, which helps us understand the world and its perspectives a little better.

“Last One Standing” is funny, entertaining, and diverse, and above all, the effort to provide us with a new format at this level is appreciated.

The first season was a great success.

Enjoy this second installment.

Season 2 Release Date

October 10, 2023

Where to Watch Last One Standing


Last One Standing

The Hosts

Daigo Yamamoto
Daigo Yamamoto
Nobuyuki Hayakawa
Nobuyuki Hayakawa
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