Let’s Talk About CHU (2024) Series on Netflix: from frivolity in appearance to something much more sincere and real in essence

Alguien como Chu
Veronica Loop

Let’s Talk About CHU is a Taiwanese series starring Tzu Hsuan Chan and Kai Ko.

Today, the Taiwanese series “Let’s Talk About CHU” arrives on Netflix, revolving around a vlog and its creator, Chu Ai. The plot centers on her, her personal life, and the characters that surround her, with a heavy dose of romantic comedy that ultimately reveals itself to be more than just a comedy. It starts off as a typical rom-com, but quickly distances itself from frivolous humor and delves into well-developed characters with real problems. This series aims to win us over with a smile, but ultimately captivates us with its true essence, sometimes bittersweet. It revolves around sex, love, and the lives of its characters, all intertwined in a captivating and realistic way.

In terms of the series itself, it offers less comedy than promised, but is more serious and acidic than expected, and far more realistic than a typical Hollywood rom-com. “Let’s Talk About CHU” constantly strives to break away from the usual rom-com formula and succeeds in creating a series that caters to an adult audience, delivering more than it initially promises. Thanks to a well-written script, it goes beyond a mere succession of jokes and nonsense. And don’t expect anything frivolous, as the plot deepens and becomes more dramatic with each passing episode (and even reflects the tragedies of real life).

Visually, the series is well-executed with good shots and a color scheme that blends muted and cold tones. The narrative pace is also well-maintained, with interesting stories that blend together gracefully and seamlessly. As for the performances, all the lead actors do an excellent job. It’s clear that good writing leads to good performances, and the script of “Let’s Talk About CHU” allows for both comedy and drama to shine.

In our opinion, “Let’s Talk About CHU” is both captivating and surprising. It goes beyond the superficiality of its genre, continuously entertaining and amusing while remaining very human.

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