Like Flowers in Sand (2023) | A Korean Romantic Series on Netflix

Like Flowers in Sand Netflix
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Like Flowers in Sand is a romantic series directed by Jin Woo Kim starring Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Joo-myung.

Today we bring you this Korean series that combines love and fighting. It has worked before in other notable occasions and it seems they intend to repeat it, this time with the story of a fighter who, at his lowest point, faces what could be his last match.

Life seems over when the dream of his life crumbles and there seems to be no way out.

And there, our true story begins.

Don’t expect Rocky or anything like that because “Like Flowers in Sand” presents us with a beautiful love story, very much in the Korean style, in which it is the feelings of these two characters that will surely move the audience.

Netflix, as has been happening lately with some Korean series, will air this episode by episode so that we can savor it slowly.

We hope you enjoy it.

Where to Watch “Like Flowers in Sand”


Like Flowers in Sand
Like Flowers in Sand
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