Love Deadline (2024) – A New Reality Show on Netflix: really, really looking forward to getting married!

Love Deadline - Netflix
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Love Deadline is a new Japanese reality show on Netflix.

Are you ready to experience love? Are you ready to be swept away by an unparalleled torrent of feelings? Don’t answer yet, because Netflix knows it and has beaten you to it by bringing you this reality show.

The game is simple: a romantic journey with a deadline. One month to fall in love and get engaged. But the wicked game doesn’t end there: only the women can propose, and it’s up to the men to say yes or no.

The program consists of four episodes where we’ll discover how love gradually finds its way into these lonely hearts. As the journey unfolds, participants will go from attraction to desperation, from connection to disconnection.

楽しかったよ!(which means: enjoy it!)

Where to Watch “Love Deadline”


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